Humboldt Terp Council

The highest quality is our priority.

Committed to deliver the highest quality cannabis products. Located in the heart of Humboldt County, we cultivate and handcraft premium strains, preserving their natural flavors and potency.

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About Us

Humboldt Terp Council works with Northern California’s best cultivators to bring premium quality live resins to the California market. Our loyal customers demand uncompromising quality from their extracts. From soil to oil, to premium packaging, we don’t cut corners along any step of the process. Decades of combined experience, ever growing library of desirable genetics, and a firm attention to detail, set our standard.

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    Embrace the essence of California's cannabis culture.

    HTC is distributed throughout the state of California at licensed dispensaries and deliveries.

    Award-Winning Products

    HTC is best known for our award-winning Live Resin Grams and High Terpene Carts.

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